The Path to Interviewing Success

The interview levels the job search playing field for job seekers. No matter where you went to school, no matter your GPA, no matter how much experience you have, no matter who you know—if you aren't able to interview successfully, you won't get the job. Following are some insights designed to help you successfully interview and get the job you want—and then negotiate the very best job offer!

Employer meeting with job candidates
Employer meeting with job candidates

Competitive Interview Prep

No, you can't cram the night before and "ace" your interview. Take the time to fully prepare yourself for job interview success.

Mastering the Interview

What really counts in the interview…and how to master your next one!

Ten Tough Interview Questions and Ten Great Answers

How to answer ten difficult interview questions that give trouble to many job seekers.

100 Standard Entry Level Interview Questions

Review these most common job interview questions (and answers) in preparation for your interview.

Candidate Interview Questions

The interviewer is not the only one who should be asking the questions. You should be ready as well. Here is a complete list of what you can ask.

Dressing for Interview Success

What you typically wear on campus won't cut it in the interview. Get the straight scoop on dressing the part.

Job Interview Articles

Read interview articles focused on specific aspects of job interviewing and how to be fully prepared.

Interviewing Videos

Watch our Job Search Minute videos all about interviewing. Available online for free!

On-Campus Interviewing

How to choose the best companies to interview with on campus…and make each count!

Phone Interview Success

It's not "just a phone call"—it's a real interview. Prepare properly so that it's not your last…

Company Site Interview Success

The company site interview is your moment of truth. This is usually your make or break for getting an offer.

After the Interview

Don't sit by the phone waiting for the offer after the job interview…do your part to generate job offers.

Job Offers

How to generate the job offer and what to do when you receive it. Negotiate like a pro!